OpenInsight Partners

We believe in collaboration and so do our partners. They are experts in their various fields and compliment our domain knowledge and data/technology skillsets to deliver value to our clients

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Data Storytelling and Visual Communication

New Era Analytics provides a variety of consulting services to clients looking to turn their raw data into powerful and actionable insights. We provide an end to end services from the the creation of an overall data strategy to the deliver of high-quality dashboards and reports as well as helping overhaul existing data communication infrastructure. 

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CoFlows is a data workflow solution using cloud-based managed infrastructure solution that  focuses on the design, management and monetisation of data pipelines, Web APIs and intelligent cost management of cloud resources. It has powered a variety of data solutions in both financial markets as well as other industries like healthcare and logistics.

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Data Workflows, APIs and Monetisation

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Economics and Energy Market Experts

Endgame Economics are experts in design, development and application of mathematical models. They provide expertise in optimization of data models, provide quantitative and data visualization skills and have a strong track record of work in the local energy sector.

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