Making ETF analysis easier

One of the key examples of analytics capabilities comes from our principle partner, New Era Analytics. In conjunction with CoFlows, they have built and continue to provide ETFtracker, a free resource of insights for the Australian ETF market.

This includes a variety of resources available at which includes the online ETFtracker app as well as blog, forum, podcast and other dedicated ETF resources.

This insights from this app have featured in the media including ausbiz, Livewire Markets and the Stockbrokers and Financial Advisers Association (SAFAA).

The ETFtracker app is built with a combination of behind-the-scenes Python code as well as Power BI for the front end analytics app. For direct access to the ETFtracker app click here:

Using data to communicate financial market statistics and fact-based analysis has been made easier through our skilled use of technology and is an example of how we can work with data to provide added value to clients.


ausbiz - Mark Monfort and ETtracker contributor page

Livewire Markets - 6 winning ETFs tipped to take-off

SAFAA - Exploring ETF trends


ETFtracker website

ETFtracker App embedded on website

ETFtracker Blog

Podcast on Spotify

ETFtracker Instagram

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