Quant trading and its crossover with business

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Quantitative Trading has a lot of similarities with how businesses should look at their data, even if their not in the financial markets.

Quant trading involve researching and executing trading strategies for whatever asset you’re looking to trade. They build statistical models to test trading strategies rather than rely on intuition and experience. They take a scientific approach to understanding what drives price changes in markets.

Whether your business is experienced in its industry or just getting started, a quantitative approach can help. For novice businesses, having a good data and technology setup will mean you can learn far more about your industry which you would otherwise only get from having years of experience. A quantitative approach can also help businesses with years of experience as they likely have a lot of data (structured and unstructured - see Talend guide on this HERE) that sits within the business and its people.

So where do you get started if you want to take this more scientific approach when it comes to data? You need to either do the research and there are lots of insights you can access online. But, this approach can take time. A way to supplement this is to have a chat with one of our advisers who can work with you and your team to find the right data and technology steps your business needs to take.

It’s not all just about data though. There is always a need for a human overlay to ensure the data models and analytics are running correctly. It’s the same in finance where quantitative approaches are being merged with fundamental/traditional analysis. This formation is called, in some circles, "quantamental" and its this blending of approaches (scientific and traditional) that will see businesses become more successful too.

So talk to us today and let’s see how we can get you to insights faster.

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