This project page showcases the various projects we have created, managed and enhanced across our years of experience in data and technology working across various industries mostly in finance across the globe.

Improved Macroeconomic Analysis

Built a macroeconomic solution to help institutional investors to quickly gain a comprehensive view of the state of the world while diving deep into areas of interest in order to make better decisions based on quantitative methods. This was delivered via a web application. 


Automated and Interactive Reporting

Turned a PDF based equity research report into an interactive reporting solution to help deliver a unique brand of market analysis to institutional investors as well as automating the process of delivery of these solutions whilst adding further client-requested enhancements.


Back-testing and Statistical Analysis

Detailed and sophisticated analysis of a quantitative markets model to find further enhancements and provide statistical rigour for an investment banking client's research team. Additionally, authored a white paper that was used to create new sales opportunities.


Improved ETF analysis and education

Created an interactive reporting solution for retail and institutional traders to utilise when analysing Australian listed Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). Built an online resource with various features to support the data insights including blog, podcast and series of ETF videos. See www.etftracker.com.au


Automated Fund Valuation

Created automated data processing solutions for a wealth management clients day-to-day investment operations. This included  additional (and automated) validation checks and risk analytics to compliment their existing set of analytics tools.


Unified, large-scale national statistics data solution

Designed and delivered a unified data methodology and workflow solution for a government focused healthcare provider using Apache Spark to process multiple terabytes of on-premise data and delivered final outputs via Tableau and Power BI dashboards.


Fixed Income Bond Analytics

Revamped legacy systems and workflows to create more efficient processing of bond data. We built a quantitative toolset to deploy this solution on the cloud and added further enhancements including pricing, research and portfolio optimisation tools.


Data Monetisation through Web-APIs

We developed a custom hybrid API solution for a client wanting to monetise their unique datasets but without API capabilities. We built them a solution that allows the hosintg to of heir data on-prem while being able to manage the client WEB API communications on the cloud and at a fraction of the cost of other commercial solutions.


Enhanced Portfolio Metrics

Provision of a variety of portfolio tools including optimizations and institutional grade risk metrics for for a wealth adviser to enhance their client and adviser offering. This includes a library of solutions ranging from holdings research to various correlation/exposure risk metrics and an ability to reliably forecast future income.


Vessel Tracking and Logistics Analytics

We developed a solution based off a realtime satellite feed with geospatial data to inher the entire state of the worlds dry bulk shipping trades. Our workflows applied NLP and Bayesian networks to understand the meta data and text written by Shipping Captains overlaying them with GPS coordinates to have highly accurate projections of commodity trade-flows between countries and vessel supply / demand dynamics. 



Algorithmic Trading

We implemented our own proprietery investment and risk management software to algoritmically execute trades 24h per day between Monday to Friday. Our systems are highly concurrent and reliable enough to automatically trade and risk manage a large number of fast moving contracts.