Dive Into the New Age of Data Worfklows and Analytics

Our Services

Enhanced Data Workflows

We help you by reviewing how your data currently flows through your organisation and create solutions that enhance it. From cloud migrations to getting all your data connected, we have experience building solutions in Azure, AWS and Google Cloud Platform. 

Improved Data Storytelling

We provide a variety of services that help you get the most out of how you communicate insights across your organisation and to your clients. We conduct dashboard healthchecks and audits, create bespoke dashboards and data visualisations, create quantitative analysis on your data and more. 

Quantitative Analytics

From building factor based analysis on your trading solutions to testing the potential of new data sources, we have built and managed various algorithmic trading solutions, created back-testing software and written white papers to support new investment strategies and research.

Customised application development

If you're looking to create a new data product or need existing project help, we can assist you. Our experience building data products allows us to help you navigate the ups and downs of product development and we can help you get there faster.

Data Strategy

Using our expertise in working on a variety of cross-industry projects, we work with you to help create a data strategy so that you can rest assured knowing that your future data needs will be met.

Technology Incubation

One of the hardest things that startups face when getting started is getting the right infrastructure in place to handle the various data workflows that they need to run. We provide data and technology infrastructure for select startups as part of our technology incubator.

Data Governance

We assess your Data Risk, through a variety of design and operating effectiveness reviews. Data is an asset, not just a resource, and so is imperative in meeting business objectives. Such a critical nature also draws risk, which impacts other financial and non-financial risks. Stay ahead of your regulatory obligations and the integrity of each submission with critical data identified and managed

Technologies we work with

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We prefer partnerships over one off projects

We've formed much more fruitful relationships with clients that have led to high quality outcomes by forming working relationships rather than just doing one-off projects. We can work with you on your data needs, big or small and do best when we understand the problem as well as you feel it.